Planning Ahead

Saving For Retirement

Think retirement is too many years down the road to worry about? Think again! Putting aside part of your paychecks toward a retirement fund is one of the most important financial decisions you can make. When you look for a job, ask the employer about the company's retirement plan. Federal law does not require employers to offer retirement plans to their employees, so make sure yours does before taking a job offer.

Most companies have a type of 401(k) retirement plan, which takes a portion of every paycheck and puts it into a bank account for you to access when you retire. Some 401(k) plans also require employers to match the amount taken out of the employees' checks, which allows you to build your retirement account even faster. Don't forget that most companies will only allow employees to participate in a retirement plan after they have worked there for at least a year.

Once you are able to participate, don't wait to start saving. You'll thank yourself later!

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